If you are going to make a movie about porn you can go a few ways. BOOGIE NIGHTS is a “nostalgic” look at 1970’s era porn. You can go documentary like INSIDE DEEP THROAT which looks at how that film got made and how it became a cultural phenomenon. For his first time out as a director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt decided to go comedy with DON JON. To be fair, the movie isn’t “about” porn. It uses porn as a touchstone for its lead character, the womanizing Jon. The dude is obsessed with it, likes it better than real sex and thinks it’s ok because he confesses to it at church every Sunday. So as they say in New Jersey (where the film is located), all good. Jon thinks the problem is with the women, until his girlfriend breaks up with him over porn and lying, and he meets Julianne Moore, a more mature woman. DON JON is about love and obsession and how one can easily be mistaken for the other. It is a fantastic first effort for Gordon-Levitt. He is a fine actor who has done loads of good work on screen. It’s nice to see that he has a love of film and filmmaking and is talented enough to put it up on the screen for all of us to enjoy. Gordon-Levitt gets great performances from the entire cast, with special kudos to Scarlett Johansson who plays his bitchy-controlling girlfriend Barbara and Tony Danza who plays his stereotypical Italian-American dad. Just a heads up if you are thinking of checking out this movie. It is rated R, and not without reason. Lots of quickly edited clips from online porn. Nothing overly explicit, but you know what you’re looking at. If none of that bothers you or you can look past it to the real story, then DON JON is worth checking out! — Alan Yudman

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