Watching this middling effort -- not hating it, not loving it -- is most interesting for what it reveals about the two stars, Stallone and Schwarzenegger. Both men have undeniable presence. But Stallone can act, and Schwarzenegger can't. If he wanted to, Sly could probably coast solely on how that marvelous face has evolved with … Continue reading ESCAPE PLAN


The first Thor was dark, brooding, humorless and not up to the Marvel standard set by Iron Man, The Avengers and Captain America. Consider all those problems fixed. THOR: THE DARK WORLD is thrilling, captivating and most surprising, filled with laughs. It's tough to combine that with Universal apocalypse, but Alan Taylor makes it work. … Continue reading THOR: THE DARK WORLD


Nasty and hopeless, long, rambling and complicated. A movie with a dream cast and crew founders on its screenplay, the writer's first. Cormac McCarthy is one of our greatest living novelists. But his thrillers, violent as they are, are highly literary. Characters in books don't have to talk as they do in real life. When … Continue reading THE COUNSELOR