Watching this middling effort — not hating it, not loving it — is most interesting for what it reveals about the two stars, Stallone and Schwarzenegger. Both men have undeniable presence. But Stallone can act, and Schwarzenegger can’t. If he wanted to, Sly could probably coast solely on how that marvelous face has evolved with age. Of course he looks older, but there’s a vitality and a twinkle that put you immediately on his side, coupled with something approaching believability in his roles. Arnold, on the other hand, is lovable because he’s… well, a sort of Teflon personality. The wooden delivery, the pulled-smooth skin, even the farcical political career somehow add up to a personality we forgive more than enjoy. So there are worse ways to spend a couple hours (that could have been trimmed 30 minutes) watching them together in a prison escape flick that hasn’t much more to offer, save for ultra-evil warden Jim Caviezel. And this review is already far¬†longer than the movie deserves. — Jeff Schultz

Much like every action movie from the 80’s, you can’t go into ESCAPE and PLAN for it to be realistic…where’s the fun in that? Sly plays a professional prison breaker and Arnie is a prisoner who becomes his partner in crime when Sly’s latest job goes south. A few fun twists, cool chemistry between both action icons, and escape plans that make MacGyver look like something from the Science Channel, check your brain at the door and enjoy the ride with Rocky and Commando!
Stormy Curry

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