Wasn’t it one of the SAW sequels whose twist ending was that the whole thing had played out simultaneously with one of the earlier SAWs ? Something like that seems to be going on here, based on the final few seconds (literally) when Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat (the couple from the original PA) wrap things up with a shriek — this version’s nod to a thread that presumably ties all the PA’s together. Does the whole by-now-five-film structure hold together? I want some geek who’s seen each picture three times and can recite the plots to tell me. Otherwise, what this one has going for it is its change of scene to an L.A. Latino neighborhood. The apartments are grittier and the dialogue very Spanglish-y, funny and fast, thanks especially to actor Jorge Diaz (from the tv series “East Los High”). As long as you know “bruja” means witch, you’ll understand everything else. The “found footage” gimmick is increasingly hard to sustain and probably needs to be retired. (But then, would it be a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movie?) It’s not very scary, and there aren’t very many scares regardless. But at a little less than an hour and half, it moves along and doesn’t make you snort. — Jeff Schultz

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