Kids love it, adults love it, critics love it — and why not? Disney’s (not Pixar’s) latest animated feature follows BRAVE and TANGLED with another strong female heroine, and while the PC-ish (but laudable) theme of XX-chromosome empowerment is on display once again, the message is neatly delivered with zest, beauty and great good humor. Credit for the story is duly given to Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”, to which the filmmakers have added enough fully-realized songs (at least 3 of which are showstoppers) to turn it into a full-fledged musical. The best of Disney’s efforts include side-splitting side characters (the crows in DUMBO, Genie in ALADDIN, Maximus in TANGLED), and here we have Olaf the snowman, whose doesn’t-understand-the-concept dream is to dwell in a warm, sunny climate. Olaf is hilariously voiced by Josh Gad, who joins a bang-up cast including Kristen Bell as Anna and Jonathan Groff as handsome Kristoff. (Kristoff has the grossest line of dialogue in the movie, and if you stay through the credits to the end, there’s a very funny “disclaimer” about a certain icky activity.) — Jeff Schultz

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