What's not to like? Beloved characters and a cavalcade of cameos whipped up into a frothy romp that gets in some gentle pokes at Hollywood but never turns cynical. The Muppets' basic goodness is too great a force to be undermined for long by villainy — and, this being a kids' movie, even the villains … Continue reading MUPPETS MOST WANTED


The big studios have tried to recreate several 1960's and '70's cartoons on the big screen. And most with minimal success. Ok, I'm being kind. Most have absolutely sucked ass. Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Flintstones, Underdog, Scooby Doo and The Green Hornet (I know it's not a cartoon, but it was cartoon-like and I couldn't … Continue reading MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN


There are comedies that start out nasty-funny like ELECTION that keep their bite all the way through to the bitter ends. More often, these kind of comedies go soft in their third acts, and that's the story here. It's sort of a reverse IDENTITY THIEF, Jason Bateman's enemy-turned-frenemy-turned buddy movie — only with a kid … Continue reading BAD WORDS


Matthew McConaughey has said this eight-hour HBO series is a 450-page film. Certainly it confirms what we already knew: that television is now the premiere writer's medium, which at this level of quality is video's equivalent of the novel. The quality, of course, not only in the screenplay, but in its two astonishing (overused word, … Continue reading TRUE DETECTIVE


Wes Anderson with a budget and a historic backdrop. His scenarios from film to film could hardly be more different, but here as in his other movies it's easy to spot the Wessian whimsy. This Mittel-European slice of pastry comes with a bitter lemon center that reflects the passing away of an old world under … Continue reading THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL


Family. Regret. Dignity. Love. Understanding. These are just a few of the themes covered in the amazing Nebraska. Alexander Payne does a masterful job telling the story of a man determined to cash in what he thinks is a million dollar sweepstakes ticket. Bruce Dern is both simple and complex in his performance and Will … Continue reading NEBRASKA