The punchy title suggests this will be TAKEN on a plane. Instead, I merely felt taken for a ride. What should have been a tight little thriller a la RED EYE turns into an overlong who’s-doin’-it that keeps doubling back on its list of suspect passengers, none of whom is very interesting. It’s like being trapped on a flight that has to circle endlessly before landing, as air marshal Liam Neeson dithers and miscalculates his way toward catching the perp. Is Julianne Moore to be trusted? Hard to say, with a part so underwritten. Is Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o really in this movie? Barely, beyond her coffee-tea-or-milk stewardess duties. At least one “gotcha” moment – a text message revealing that Neeson has not, in fact, killed the villain – is thrown away. The post-crash rescue operation lacks any proportion to the urgency of the disaster and looks underpopulated. And there’s way too much low-key talking. RED EYE had the great advantage of being only 85 minutes (and much of that was the credits). At almost two hours, NON-STOP doesn’t arrive at its destination until the audience has placed its tray tables into their upright and locked positions — and gone to sleep. — Jeff Schultz

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