muppets most wantedWhat’s not to like? Beloved characters and a cavalcade of cameos whipped up into a frothy romp that gets in some gentle pokes at Hollywood but never turns cynical. The Muppets’ basic goodness is too great a force to be undermined for long by villainy — and, this being a kids’ movie, even the villains are redeemable. (Or, as regards Ricky Gervais and “Constantine”, the anti-Kermit, they get their just rewards comically.) MMW is also a full-on musical, with a bunch of clever original numbers like the self-tickling opener “We’re Making a Sequel”, not to mention the hilarious sendup of “I Hope I Get It” from A CHORUS LINE performed by Gulag inmates. (Another song, punctuated by the voice of a prisoner in solitary confinement whom we can hear but not see leads to one of the best celebrity reveals at the end.) The funniest line in the movie is, “Goodnight, Danny Trejo”. Why would that make the audience burst out laughing? You’ll just have to see for yourself. — Jeff Schultz

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