under the skinIt got under my skin all right; I was itching for it to be over. No question there are some startlingly creepy-gorgeous sequences, the best of which shows what happens to those trapped in ScarJo’s underwater “graveyard” — it’s claustrophobic and frightening and ultimately just a dazzling use of form and light. Also, a glittering, golden mosaic of thousands of images over which ScarJo is superimposed, as beautiful as a Klimt painting. As for what it’s about, it goes from what-the-fuck to who-gives-a-fuck. Is she an alien? Or is her alienation symbolic, tied to her issues with men. This is one of those dreamlike, opaque, emotionless movies we used to call “foreign films”. It doesn’t work as sci-fi invader. It doesn’t work as psychological thriller. It just crawls along, often repeating itself, punctuated by an occasional creative moment. You’ll scratch your head over an unexplained nemesis on a motorcycle. You’ll wonder why seems to lose her powers at the end. And ultimately why you bothered. — Jeff Schultz



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