ALAN PARTRIDGEFrom the same people who brought you the hilarious, Oscar nominated IN THE LOOP comes a film that is nearly has hysterical. Steve Coogan is Alan Partridge. For those not familiar (and why aren’t you?), Alan hosted the “chat show” “Knowing Me, Knowing You… with Alan Partridge” on British television. He was often inappropriate, clueless or both. He was always funny, even when he didn’t intend to be. The character was created by Coogan and Armando Ianucci (“In the Loop” and “Veep”). Fast forward to current day and Alan is hosting a mid-morning talk and music show in his hometown of Norwich. The station has just been bought by a media conglomerate and that means changes. Alan goes to defend Pat Farrell (Colm Meaney) and convince the new bosses not to fire his “friend”. Alan realizes that its either him or Pat and his survival instincts kick in and he campaigns to “Just Sack Pat”. The sacked Pat isn’t happy. He returns during a station party with a shotgun and bad intentions. Alan is forced to act as the liaison between Pat and the police and also realizes this is his opportunity to regain his former celebrity and impress his new bosses. As they say, hilarity ensues. The jokes are fired faster than any shotgun shells. Coogan is great and in full “Partridge”. The pacing is quick and clever. Meaney is great as the aggrieved Pat, but this is all Coogan. If you can find “Knowing Me, Knowing You…” on youtube or anywhere, check it out. It’s brilliant. ALAN PARTRIDGE is just as great.. ha HA! — ALAN YUDMAN


Alan Partridge’s “Knowing Me, Knowing You” is a jewel box filled with razors — bright and sharp and pathetically funny. Alan is a clueless loser who intermittently realizes he’s a clueless loser; other times, he’s entirely full of himself. We see his inner torment, but it’s all done through comedy. Alan Partridge’s “I’m Alan Partridge” turns the pathos dial up a notch, showing him reduced to radio talk show host in an English backwater. Now, ALAN PARTRIDGE puts the Norwich DJ on the big screen, and while there are laughs from start to finish, some of them big ones, the movie is a step further for Steve Coogan from comedian to (mostly) comic actor. One dramatic touch is gripping: the physical uglification of Alan, which seems to reflect his inner moral rot. (I did mention this movie is really funny, right?) I would gladly (will gladly) watch this again just to write down all the hilarious lines. Or you can go to imdB, which has (as of this writing) 13 good examples. May Alan and Steve continue their creative bromance for decades to come; I’m dying to know what he’ll be like when he’s old. — Jeff Schultz

This Partridge could have been a turkey but Steve Coogan is smart enough to know a few things about bringing his TV character to the big screen. He doesn’t go for the safe, demographically profitable PG-13 rating, he is all in with the R. He keeps Alan more edgy and unlikeable than ever, and he does whatever is necessary for the laugh. This is the best kind of comedy: one that requires repeated viewings to catch all the jokes. This Partridge lives up to the hype and flies high above any and all expectations.

Stormy Curry

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