oculus-poster-207x300Oculus Schlockulus. Can anyone even remember the last time they saw a “scary movie” that actually scared them? This movie goes about its business seriously, weaving together two parallel stories 11 years apart. The acting is decent (including Rory Cochrane, star of the far superior RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR). There are no howlers in the dialogue. But scary ghosts in the mirror? Really? That stale device is pretty much the whole point. If a movie like this can’t frighten you, the fallback reason to go see it is for the gore. And here, the movie also disappoints, with only one exception, involving an apparently mistaken snack. And as the movie rolls toward its climax, the what-is-real? what-is-not? twists and turns make less and less sense, so that by the time we get to the final surprise, we’re like, whatever. — Jeff Schultz



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