draft-day-posterA lot of people might be scared away by DRAFT DAY. Some women because it deals with football. Everyone because it stars Kevin Costner. But, don’t let either keep you from this film. Costner is the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. The team is where the Browns typically reside.. at or near the bottom of the league. In this film, you are reminded why Costner was ever appealing as a movie star. He brings that everyman sensibility to the role. He could be any of us (any of us who has knocked up Jennifer Garner). He’s imperfect in a world that demands perfection. He also is about to get fired if the draft doesn’t go his way. There is one player that everyone thinks should be the number one choice, then there is the player Costner likes. Telling you any more would spoil several plot points, just believe that Costner will do the right thing. Draft Day works because of Costner’s “aw shucks” charm and the skillful direction of Ivan Reitman. This is Reitman’s kind of movie. It makes you feel good, though you may not be able to tell exactly why. For the football geek, it has enough believability to keep you interested without rolling your eyes. There are also a ton of cameos by NFL announcers, Commissioner Roger Goodell and a couple of Hall of Famers. DRAFT DAY is sweet, funny and insightful about real character. With some of the dreck that is in theaters right now, this should be your first round choice. — Alan Yudman

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