a_haunted_house_2_movie_poster_2The funniest scene in A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 is exactly the same as the funniest scene in A HAUNTED HOUSE — except that instead of Marlon Wayons pleasuring himself sexually in every imaginable way (and a few unimaginable ways) with a stuffed animal, in the new movie it’s an evil doll. Either way, the sheer filthiness of the positions and dirty talk and the brio with which Marlon jams, stuffs, slaps, thrusts, sits on, lies under, rear-ends, front loads and ultimately makes that doll his bitch is a thing to behold. Low comedy is not easy to pull off just because the jokes are easy and crude; for every NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE (sublime) you get ten EPIC MOVIEs (garbage). But here, besides the goofy doll sex, there are also riotous scenes with the great Cedric the Entertainer, who plays “Father Williams”, a pastor who doesn’t hesitate to shiv his superior in church, and stand-up comic Gabriel Iglesias, who continually riffs on Mexican stereotypes and continually gets laughs. And while I wish two of my favorite comedians, Nick Swardson and J. B. Smoove, had returned, Essence Atkins and Affion Crockett are back to add to the fun. — Jeff Schultz


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