neighbors posterI was soooooooo looking forward to this one. Loved the idea. Loved the trailer. Should have stopped there. What’s being sold as a back and forth revenge comedy between grown ups and a frat is really a mostly laugh free stoner comedy that is pretty lame. If it was half as funny as the trailer I could have forgiven the half baked story. If it had a realistic message I could have ignored the lack of humor. Instead it tries to be something parents could relate to yet “cool” enough for the teens to like. Amusing to a point, then painful to finish, the only two who deserve a better script and movie were Zach Efron and Dave Franco. They were so much better than this movie deserved. And the only ones getting a kick out of this alleged comedy are Seth Rogen and friends, who are laughing all the way to the bank.– Stormy Curry


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