Stage-Fright-Poster-691x1024A new hybrid: the slasher musical! With no half-measures about the slasher part. Much of the satire is similar to CAMP, but with added blood and (literally) guts. The characters are just as likely to break into song as they are to be eviscerated. The numbers are snappy and elaborately choreographed, the lyrics smart and funny, and the gore puts the right damper on all that precious sunniness. Damsel-in distress Allie MacDonald is what Lindsay Lohan could have become; it’s good to see Minnie Driver again, here playing Allie’s mother and still a beauty; and Meat Loaf nails it as the evil (?) stepfather. With many candidates for the killer (who of course wears a mask) the movie keeps us guessing. And laughing. — Jeff Schultz


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