they-came-together-poster1This is the brighter sibling who doesn’t live up to his potential from the SCARY family of “MOVIE” spoofs (EPIC, DATE, DISASTER, NOT ANOTHER TEEN…). TCT is a one-joke pony, but it’s a pretty good joke. The movie trots along finding every, in this case, Rom-Com cliche it can to poke fun at, in a fully-fleshed-out parody that seems like ten movies you’ve seen before, down to the dialog. Woody Allen and Rob Reiner films are in the crosshairs, which is a little tired by now. And there’s also a big nod to THE GRADUATE, which is past tired and fast asleep. If the movie’s sense of humor could be summed up in three words, they’d be Take Everything Literally. Here is one joke among hundreds that sums up what you’ll see: Paul Rudd puts the moves on Amy Poehler, who is willing but hesitates, saying, “I can’t. My Aunt Flo[w] is here.” Rudd says to her, “Oh, you’re having your period?” Poehler replies, “No, my Aunt Flo is visiting from out of town”. Camera pans over to older woman looking on disapprovingly. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll see the punch lines before the set-ups are even done. Another example: Rudd and Poehler are out to dinner, and they get a lot of attitude from the waiter. Rudd says, “Boy, does he have a pole up his ass, or what?”. The waiter turns around, and yes, there’s a giant pole coming out of his ass, which sweeps all the diners’ dishes off their tables. In other words this is very low comedy, and since that’s my favorite kind, I laughed all the way through. The filmmakers kill themselves “explaining” their obvious jokes, the gag being they know we get the joke, so “explaining” it to us is hilarious. And yes, it pretty much is, but oh my they take it to the limit — including one daring scene of repeated dialog that is just relentless. Michael Ian Black cannot not be funny, and here he gets a lot of help from a ridiculously dyed hairdo (or wig). Ed Helms walks away with his first scene. And good to see Michael Murphy again. THEY CAME TOGETHER isn’t brilliant like the filmmakers tv series “Stella”, but it’s a good time. — Jeff Schultz

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