deliver us from evil posterDeliver us from claptrap is more like it. A lame-o entry in the Possession/Exorcism subcategory, it brings no new thrills to the screen. The story inches forward without anticipation and with no genuine scares or even creepy atmosphere. Just stuff you’ve seen before. Bumps in the cellar. A devil voice coming out of a little girl’s mouth. Your basic bogeyman in stage makeup. A demon-inhabited “madwoman” whose literal scenery chewing (actually, it’s an actor’s arm) is topped by her overacting. Limited, unambitious effects. Eric Bana has never been the most exciting actor, but he’s especially dull here. And he doesn’t have the chops to deliver on the character he’s supposed to be: an embittered, cynical detective whose investigations of child abuse and murder have left him unhinged. (McConaughey got there first, and it’s no contest.) When the movie is over, tell me if you don’t sit up and say to your friends, “That’s it??” — Jeff Schultz


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