During the six years (and just getting started!) of this site and my part in its thousand-odd reviews, I can’t remember ever describing a movie as perfect. Every scene, every shot, every performance, every line — perfect. Until now. Michael Winterbottom and his two stars whip up (or actually, cut down: the feature is a … Continue reading THE TRIP TO ITALY


"What If" a little gem of a movie got the massive promotion and release like other movies we've seen this summer? "What If" Daniel Radcliffe gave such a charming and funny performance that Harry Potter became a very distant memory? In a summer of big explosions, giant robots, and 3D everything else, "What If" is … Continue reading WHAT IF


Fun as long as things are being destroyed, no fun when the screenplay tries squeezing out tears. Fortunately, there are at least three gloriously disastrous storm segments — four, if you count the quick but effective opening scene. The images of tornadoes vacuuming up everything in their path — from farm equipment to barns to … Continue reading INTO THE STORM


I was hoping to love "Guardians of the Galaxy". I expected to like it. Nothing could prepare me for my actual reaction, which reminded me of a morning after a night of drinking cheap beer. Blech. This one tries waaaaaay to hard at everything. Overused special effects, story exposition that passes for dialogue, jokes that … Continue reading GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY