I was hoping to love “Guardians of the Galaxy”. I expected to like it. Nothing could prepare me for my actual reaction, which reminded me of a morning after a night of drinking cheap beer. Blech. This one tries waaaaaay to hard at everything. Overused special effects, story exposition that passes for dialogue, jokes that fall flat, no chemistry between the “characters”, an attempt to be both edgy and appeal to toddlers, predictable at every turn, I could clamor on and on….but then I would be just like this movie. I haven’t walked out of a movie in years and the only reason I didn’t this time was because of the “Marvel” brand. I kept thinking “this will get better”. Aside from the first five minutes which were incredible and Rocket Raccoon, this Galaxy blew. I am in the minority as far as my opinion goes and that’s okay. I was also alone in my thinking when a movie centered on a “Crystal Skull” came out and now most folks agree. Guess time will tell.

Stormy Curry

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