step up all inNumber 5 in the hip-hop dance series is one of the best, with the happy return of “Moose” — the very talented Adam Sevani, who sat out the last one and has returned far less geeky but just as great a dancer; watch him go in an impromptu Vegas lounge solo that jumps from floor to table to bar and back. Also returning, as the love interest, husky-voiced Briana Evigan, whose dance with (returning) Ryan Guzman to Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step You Take” on an empty amusement park ride is another high point. As is (returning) Misha Gabriel’s dance-off turn with a bottle of beer and an attitude. The screenplay is insultingly simplistic, filler between numbers (same guy wrote INTO THE STORM), but you actually kindve like the characters and feel good for them in a guilty pleasure way when they succeed. Good soundtrack, too. — Jeff Schultz


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