BOJACK HORSEMANBOJACK started out funny, then it got hysterical, and then it blossomed, with increasingly fleshed-out (not sure if pun intended) characters who have become more three-dimensional than those on the crummier human sitcoms. In fact, this is a comedy that could easily have been produced with people instead of drawings. Except then you wouldn’t have the wonderful “animal folks”, both everyday (a maggot waiter, a frog secretary) and famous (directors Cameron Crow and Quentin Tarantulino). And while simply drawn and animated, the likable depictions of the leads bring the characters to life as much as the marvelous voicings, with standouts Will Arnett (Bojack), Aaron Paul (Todd) and Amy Sedaris as cat agent Princess Carolyn; I can hear all three of them in my head. The pop culture and social satire is sharp and funny, from the “clips” of Bojack’s long-ago tv show “Horsin’ Around” to a dysfunctional Vietnamese family with Boston accents. The show’s open puts the nod to “Mad Men” (falling… falling…), plus, listen to the very end of it: that saxophone solo salutes the open of “The Simpsons”. This is one of those cable series whose entire season is put up at once, and I write having seen 7 of the 12. Perhaps Alan (and maybe Stormy; he’s watching it too) and I will have additional thoughts. — Jeff Schultz

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