Nothing unexpected, nothing frightening, nothing that deviates from the formula. A 90-minute time-waster from the many-entried horror sub-category of sequentially-dying teens, this one is quite literally “product” since its very reason for existing is a product — Hasbro’s venerable Ouija board, patented in 1891 and still sold today. The set-up has the movie’s one good … Continue reading OUIJA


Oh, it’s long, girl. And this movie takes a hard right turn about halfway through that will test your tolerance for tonal shift. And then it does it once again. And then again. What begins as a straightforward, engrossing (murder?) mystery is replaced by the complete absence of mystery and ends up in Fatal Attraction … Continue reading GONE GIRL


The best thing about this movie is the actual doll, who doesn’t get near enough screen time. It reminds me of Bette Davis as Baby Jane, a slattern in too much makeup with crazy eyes. But unlike her male counterpart, Chucky, Annabelle doesn’t talk. The possessed doll instead exerts its evil influence as a conduit … Continue reading ANNABELLE