Everyone is funny in this sequel, but Charlie Day so dominates the comedy, the movie (more so than the first one) comes off like a feature-length version of an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” episode. That’s not a criticism. Charlie throws off so many hilariously delivered or just goofball observations, I know a second viewing … Continue reading HORRIBLE BOSSES 2


There is a new ethos in Hollywood. If you have a successful franchise, why not maximize eyeballs and spread it out as long as possible. That's why we had two-part conclusions to The Twilight and Harry Potter series. Why should THE HUNGER GAMES be any different? So now we are forced to sit through two … Continue reading THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 1


Christopher Nolan has become the master of the grand epic that makes less than subtle comment on society and government. The Batman trilogy was about the inequity of justice and profound loss. Inception also touched on loss and rule breaking to achieve the greater good. Memento was more than a story telling trick, it was … Continue reading INTERSTELLAR


They never get it right. Whether on the big screen or TV, depictions of the television news business, either national or local, are unfailingly inaccurate. Feature comedies like MORNING GLORY and THE UGLY TRUTH, small screen dramas like “The Newsroom” and (for a looooong look back), Morgan Fairchild’s THE SEDUCTION and Martin Sheen’s NEWS AT … Continue reading NIGHTCRAWLER