VHS-VIRALV/H/S ought to stand for Very Horrible Sequel. Five directors come up with four stories — and a framing device (of sorts) that I had trouble understanding throughout and totally did not get at the end, which I think is supposed to explain all that came before. None of the four short films within the film is a standout, although the “skateboarders in Mexico” sequence, while way too long, brings some needed spontaneity with the board-riding stoners’ banter. Their GoPro cameras also somewhat reenergize the “found footage” gimmick. But the rest — a story about an evil magician, another about finding a parallel universe, and a sexual revenge drama inside a taxi — are just no big deal. Here and there, an effective piece of gore or arresting image, but nowhere near enough to recommend this ghost of V/H/S (or even V/H/S/2). — Jeff Schultz


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