horrible bosses 2Everyone is funny in this sequel, but Charlie Day so dominates the comedy, the movie (more so than the first one) comes off like a feature-length version of an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” episode. That’s not a criticism. Charlie throws off so many hilariously delivered or just goofball observations, I know a second viewing will have me laughing at lines I missed. Listen to how Day marvels at Jamie Foxx’s poor negotiating skills. Listen to him dangerously shouting “Rex!” inside a home the boys have just broken into. Listen to him argue with Jason Sudeikis on the naming of their get-rich project, the Shower Buddy. Of course, with Sudeikis and Jason Bateman completing the trio, how could you go wrong? Throw in a super nasty Chris Pine (having a ball) and Jennifer Aniston doubling down on the filthy talk for added pleasure. It’s also good to have Kevin Spacey back for two scenes on a prison phone. Only Christoph Waltz fails to register, perhaps because he doesn’t have much interesting to do. Here’s the highest praise I can think of: HB2 makes me want an HB3. — Jeff Schultz


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