hobbit battle of the five armeisWhat’s worse than a movie that stinks from start to finish? A movie that has moments of greatness interrupted by scenes of abysmal writing, acting, and special FX. Welcome to the world of The Hobbit trilogy. I held off passing judgement on these movies until I saw if Peter Jackson could stick the landing. Nope. He fell on his face. In all three movies its painfully obvious what is coming from the source material and what’s been created to extend what could have been one really good movie into 3 below average ones. Any goodwill Jackson had with fans has been torpedoed by this obvious money grab. The biggest problem with the Hobbit films is that Jackson doesn’t have faith that he can keep us interested unless he keeps foreshadowing his other trilogy. And create subplots that go nowhere. And love stories that carry no weight. And characters that seem to have wandered in from other movies. One other note to George Lucas….I mean Peter Jackson.’s called THE HOBBIT! Maybe, I don’t know, more Martin Freeman and less Orlando Bloom? He had his movies and is nothing but an unwelcome distraction every time he appears on screen. The best thing I can say about the third movie? Thank god there won’t be a fourth! — Stormy Curry


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