under the skinI’ll get this out of the way right now. Scarlett Johansson is naked in UNDER THE SKIN, and there is no way to be disappointed about that. There’s also a lot of guys “junk” on display, but just overlook that, literally. Ok now on to the movie, you know, the story and such. Johansson plays an alien. She is driving around what appears to be Edinburgh, Scotland in a van. She picks up lonely single men, seduces them, lures them back to her lair and they wind up dead. How they wind up dead is kind of odd and really not fully explained, but they are most assuredly dead. Jonathan Glazer co-wrote and directed UNDER THE SKIN and creates an eerie vibe using Mica Levi’s haunting score and the bleak beauty of the Scottish countryside. The weirdness is heightened by the sparse dialogue. The only speaking is between Johansson and her prey. She is personable in conversation but lacks all emotion otherwise. An automaton carrying out her mission. Only when she seems to take pity on a deformed man, does she show any hint of humanity, of what might be lurking under her skin. On the run from her “handlers” she is taken in by a kind man.. the kind of man she would have targeted before. In the end she winds up being the target. UNDER THE SKIN is a rumination on humanity and discovering what is really going on under your own skin. It’s haunting and weird, but it is effecting in getting its point across. In the end, after seeing it, UNDER THE SKIN got under my skin as I continue to ponder its meaning and message. Isn’t that what good art is supposed to do? — Alan Yudman


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