I arrived at the Breaking Bad party after it had been on for two seasons. As soon as I got into it I asked myself “How the hell did I almost miss this?”. Talk about deja vu…Hannibal is one of the most original, clever, intelligent, suspenseful, and gory shows I have ever seen on NETWORK television. The fact it’s a prequel about Hannibal Lecter was an immediate turn off to me, I assumed it would be dumbed down for the NBC faithful. ..boy was I wrong! “Silence of the Lambs” fans will not be disappointed with how this series lays the groundwork. Fans of awesome tv have gone to cable to get quality shows that aren’t afraid to take risks and move stories forward even though some of the twists may not be the most popular. Well guess what? There’s a new network show at the dinner party and his name is Hannibal. 2 seasons worth on Amazon Prime with the third starting in June. Save the date!

Stormy Curry

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