Certain movies tell the same ole story in a completely different way and the results are unforgettable. Blair Witch and Cloverfield come to mind. Now you can add Unfriended to that list. This movie milks suspense out of a computer screen...skype, Facebook, Google, youtube, everyday things that fuel the reality of what we are watching … Continue reading UNFRIENDED


Boos drowned out the applause when Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut screened at Cannes. That’s unfair; it’s actually pretty entertaining, even as it cheeses out toward the end. Gosling’s strength in this first effort is getting solid performances out of his actors, especially Ben Mendelsohn as a most twisted bank manager. But Gosling seems to have … Continue reading LOST RIVER


Becoming an adult is kind of a daunting proposition. Especially for those who never seem to want to grow up. But sometimes we are thrown into adulthood despite our best intentions and that forces us to finally grow up. That's kind of the point of Noah Baumbach's brilliant comedy WHILE WE'RE YOUNG. Ben Stiller and … Continue reading WHILE WE’RE YOUNG