This strenuous, noisy remake is just too much. Literally. It suffers from VAN HELSING Syndome, packed to the gills with action that’s repetitious and often boring. Sure, the chase sequences are accomplished. All of them. Each and every one after another after another. That’s the whole point, right? But the movie left me numb and uninvolved. Credit to Tom Hardy for taking a nothing part and injecting a little wit. (His subtle comic “takes” are a treat.) But where the previous three Max’s were an effective blend of desolation and insanity, this one comes off as driven there, killed that. The fight sequences go on so long it’s the audience who gets battle-weary. And the closest thing to a human connection is the non-chemistry between Hardy and the reliably uninteresting Charlize Theron. I’m mad about MAX. — Jeff Schultz

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