You’ve gotta me kidding me. This is the “laugh riot” everyone is raving about? The jokes are as bland and generic as the title in this middling Melissa McCarthy vehicle. A few hours after seeing it I can remember only one witty line (at the very end, referencing Phantom of the Opera), one action sequence (girl fight in a kitchen), and one, maybe two performances: Peter Serafinowicz (who should do a father-son movie with Armand Assante) as the woman-crazed Italian (?) driver, and Björn Gustafsson, a bit part really, driven to tears by McCarthy. The plot is complicated but sure, who cares; it’s there to serve the comedy. If only there were more comedy! Too many car chases, too many stale Bondian takeoffs (Michael McDonald as a Q-like high-tech spy gadget creator), plus dick shots and a grisly death that are puzzling additions because the rest of the movie is tame enough for kids. I like Melissa McCarthy when she has balls, but here, she’s lost shuttling between ballsy and vulnerable-pathetic, even somewhat at the end. — Jeff Schultz

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