by Alan Yudman I wasn’t sure about MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION going in. A fifth movie in the franchies. Could have been simply a paycheck for star and producer Tom Cruise. After about 5 minutes, I knew I was wrong. I was in. Completely. This is one of the best opening sequences to a movie … Continue reading MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION

TED 2 (Part 1)

-- by Jeff Schultz I am writing this review in Milan, an exciting place to visit, whether it's culture, history and art that get you off, or fashion, shopping and all things luxe. (If it's both, then enjoy the orgasm.) Unfortunately, much of Europe, including Lombardic Italy, has been kneecapped by a severe heat  wave, … Continue reading TED 2 (Part 1)


-- by Alan Yudman ANT-MAN had all the earmarks of a potential disaster for Marvel. Edgar Wright wanted to make this movie. It was his passion project, but “creative differences” and scheduling conflicts forced him out. Several others were rumored before Peyton Reed was chosen. Then there are the multiple screenwriting and story credits. Those … Continue reading ANT-MAN


There is only one Pixar. No one does animated movies like Pixar. That doesn’t mean no one else is making good animated movies. Two of the most enjoyable animated films of the last five years were DESPICABLE ME and it’s sequel. Gru’s little yellow henchmen, the Minions became wildly popular (rides, games, etc.). So it … Continue reading MINIONS