If you were expecting insightful, thoughtful or something exploring emotional depth you walked into the wrong theater. TED 2 is none of those. Oh, it occasionally tries to explore love and trust and hurt. But most of the hurt and pain is the physical kind, a result of slapstick, screwball comedy. Seth MacFarlane is back on track after the disappointing A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST. Maybe he’s figured out what works. His “Family Guy” brand of humor ramped up for an R rating. It’s all right there. TED 2 is just a continuation of what made TED funny. There is a storyline on which MacFarlane and Alec Sulkin built their pyramid of hilarity. Ted and Tami-Lynn get married but after a quick jump forward we see things are working out. They fight like, well, a stereotypical Boston Southie couple. Ted professes his love and gets advice that maybe what they need is a baby. First they try for a sperm donor. But an ill conceived attempt at appropriating the sainted Tom Brady’s seed goes wrong. So Ted asks John (Mark Wahlberg) if he can help out. That ends in disaster at a fertility clinic. Next, the couple tries to adopt, but they cannot because Ted is not viewed as a person. The state thinks he is property. The rest of the movie they are fighting for Ted’s civil rights. Mila Kunis and Wahlberg are divorced, so they pick up Amanda Seyfried along the way as a well-meaning but inexperienced attorney. Every situation is an opportunity for a pot joke or a dick joke.. and most of the time they hit their mark. I laughed. A lot. This is very funny stuff, especially if you “get” MacFarlane’s sense of humor. There are two outrageously funny cameos, one from Liam Neeson and the other from Jay Leno. There are several running jokes about Arizona State University and Seyfried’s resemblance to a character from a hugely popular fantasy trilogy. Giovanni Ribisi is back as the creepy Donny. Patrick Warburton is also back as John’s gay co-worker Guy. He has a new boyfriend played by Michael Dorn. Fans of THE TICK and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION will really appreciate a bit that goes off at ComicCon in New York. Where this movie fails is when it tries to get all “messagy” or “thinky”. Just keep the fart jokes coming and light a bong. That’s when TED 2 is at it’s best. — Alan Yudman

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