I was enticed to see THE OVERNIGHT when the studio released the first 7 minutes of the film on the internet. I watched it and it seemed to have the indie-comedy vibe I love. So, I plunked down my $11 already sorta knowing what I was in for. I was not disappointed. This is a hard R sex comedy. Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott are new to L.A., having moved from Seattle with their young son. Scott is a stay-at-home dad, Schilling works in some unknown business, but it’s not relevant to the story. They meet Jason Schwartzman and his son at a park and hope they’ve made their first friends in their new home. Schwartzman invites them over for pizza and to meet his wife played by French actress Judity Godreche. The pizza is eaten, the wine is drunk and it looks like the night is over. But, it is just beginning. From that point, THE OVERNIGHT turns from an amiable mumblecore-ish comedy to something decidedly weird. Godreche’s character is an actress who’s only role appears to be in a breast pump instructional video. Schwartzman sells water filtration systems and also paints assholes. Actual assholes. There’s pot smoking, suggestive dialogue that makes Scott and Schilling wonder what the heck they’ve gotten themselve into. There’s also a bizarre field trip to a Thai massage parlor (and that’s all I’l say about that). There is also a lot of full frontal male nudity and discussion about penis size. At the end, it seems that Schwartzman and his wife have dragged Schilling and Scott into their weird rabbit hole. But then there is a twist that is sort of satisfying but also feels like it was tacked on just to explain all the weird shit you just watched. Schwartzman is at his weird hipstery best, playing a role you’ve seen him play before. Schilling’s awkward charm fits perfectly here. Writer/Director Patrick Brice is creative and inventive and bends the genre in an odd direction. I look forward to where he goes from here. But please, next time do it with less discussion and visuals of penises. — Alan Yudman

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