by Alan Yudman

I wasn’t sure about MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION going in. A fifth movie in the franchies. Could have been simply a paycheck for star and producer Tom Cruise. After about 5 minutes, I knew I was wrong. I was in. Completely. This is one of the best opening sequences to a movie I’ve seen in a while. You may have seen the shot of Cruise hanging off the side of an airplane that is taking off. That’s in the first 5 minutes, and the movie never stops. The “hero shot” of Cruise that introduces him into the movie is the stuff actors dream of. It is darn near perfect. The rest of MI:RN is just as good. Christopher McQuarrie gets both directing and story credits and both are spot on. It hits all the right beats and includes everything you expect to see in this franchise. Cruise is Cruise. Say what you want about him, he never mails in a performance. The teaming of him with Simon Pegg is great. Rebecca Ferguson is not just a pretty face, she kicks ass. Sean Harris is a menacing, smart and threatening villain. What really makes this great is the way it nods to the TV series. More than any of the other movies in the franchise. It has a lot of the same plot devices, and it doesn’t slow down the storytelling. The intrigue is interesting and doesn’t get muddled with too many twists. It’s funny, thrilling and edge of your seat exciting. The whole thing is hugely satisfying. And it has to be said, Tom Cruise was one of the producers on MN:RN and he gets it. He hires the right people for the right jobs then does what he does best…get out of the way and just be Tom Cruise. This may be the best of the five Mission Impossible films (much better than 2 or 3). And the good news, Cruise says they are already working on the next one. This is a must-see film.

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