by Alan Yudman I recently watched an episode of the 1960’s TV spy show THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. I had fond memories. I think that’s why memory is unreliable. The TV show was kinda campy and kinda awful. So when I went to the theater to see the big screen adaptation, I was unencumbered by … Continue reading THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.


by Alan Yudman I recently had a fairly intense discussion about rap music with someone on Facebook. His contention was that it is not music and that anyone who listens to it is an idiot. His argument was mainly about the violence and foul language that make up the lyrics. I argued that he may … Continue reading STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON


by Jeff Schultz Totally sweet, lovingly made, this British Claymation feature is of course in the Wallace & Gromit vein: it comes from Nick Park’s Aardman Animations. It’s so lighthearted and delightful that when the inevitable moment-of-true-peril comes, while you might feel silly for feeling upset and involved, you still will. This movie could be … Continue reading SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE


by Alan Yudman David Foster Wallace. The brilliant, troubled and now deceased writer won acclaim for changing the voice of American writing. And it only took him 46 years to do it before taking his own life because of inescapable depression. Back when his novel, “Infinite Jest” was published another writer thought there would be … Continue reading THE END OF THE TOUR


by Alan Yudman Diablo Cody showed such promise. Heck, she even fulfilled it. Winning an Oscar for best screenplay for JUNO. She showed similar talent with the biting YOUNG ADULT. So, if there is anything such as a “paycheck” movie for a screenwriter, RICKI AND THE FLASH fits the bill. Meryl Streep is aging wanna-be … Continue reading RICKI AND THE FLASH


This second time around, the season does not end with a punch to the gut. But by the time we get to its tenuous, hope-inflected sign-off we’ve watched 12 episodes in which the characters have become so enriched and “fleshed out”, it’s almost beside the point that it’s animated. Except, of course, for the wonderful … Continue reading BOJACK HORSEMAN – Season 2


Stop me if you've heard this one. "Loveable" loser coasts through life with no responsibility and no consideration for others. They meet someone who's the complete opposite, realize they like them, has some personal setbacks, decides to be a better person, and lives happily ever after. That's TRAINWRECK...which is less funny than this review. Why … Continue reading TRAINWRECK