— by Jeff Schultz Meta is seldom betta. CABIN IN THE WOODS (the remake) meets THE LAKE HOUSE in this slasher genre sendup, which also functions nicely as a parable of loss and acceptance. More funny than scary, and surprisingly tame in the gore department, it benefits from a cast that can handle multiple layers … Continue reading THE FINAL GIRLS


by Alan Yudman I had an interesting discussion with my father. He asked whether BRIDGE OF SPIES was Oscar worthy. It’s an interesting question. I gave the usual explanations that it’s hard to tell, it’s early, Oscar-bait films generally are released at the end of the year. Blah blah blah. Then I began telling him … Continue reading BRIDGE OF SPIES


Surprisingly not the turkey I was expecting, this one rises above the previous two but doesn't come close to the original or the second one. It's obvious while watching that the writers paid attention to the first two, because they take those stories and twist them into something new. But after the cool first hour, … Continue reading TERMINATOR: GENYSIS