— by Jeff Schultz

As I sit and wait, and wait, for a movie I really want to see, or at least enough to go to so I can write a review, television is not only an acceptable substitute, it can be superior. But not always. Put it this way: There’s bad. There’s so bad it’s good. And then there’s felony bad, where the perpetrators should be prosecuted and banned from the Industry. DR. KEN is felony bad, greatly abetted by an amped-up laugh track dialed to Hysteria that in an almost surreal way pretends each flat, dead line is sidesplittingly funny. Whatever you may have liked about Ken Jeong before this putrid sitcom, hang(over) on to it, because his body’s been invaded by a bad actor with no timing who’s not funny. I’d come to all the above conclusions by the time the first scene was over, and at least that one paired Jeong with an old standby, Stephen Tobolowski. But then it moved to Dr. Ken’s home and we were introduced to Dr. Ken’s stock family, complete with wisecracking kid amateurishly cracking wise with material below junior high school level (yet still keeping that laugh track in stitches). That’s when I grabbed the remote and put this piece of crap to death. Ten minutes hadn’t passed.

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