— by Jeff Schultz

The reason I haven’t posted many reviews lately is because there’s been almost nothing I’ve wanted to see. Even FOMO Syndrome won’t get me to STAR WARS. I’d rather claw myself into unconsciousness than watch THE REVENANT. And I would take no JOY sitting through David O. Russell’s latest bag of tics. (I’ll stick with Wes Anderson for whimsy.) Still, if there’s a new horror movie or non-romantic comedy, I’ll pretty much go. And since Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have been in some really funny movies, alone and together, this sounded promising. But it’s godawful, with godawful timing (acting and editing) that leeches out what little steam there might have been in any given gag, gag after gag. Linda Cardellini (a B-list Janeane Garofolo, no, make that a C-list Leslie Mann) offers the men nothing to play off of. Still, they should have been able to generate a few laughs on their own. Instead, Wahlberg is dullsville and Ferrell seems barely interested. All of this at least applies to the first half hour; that’s how long I lasted.

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