by Alan Yudman Postmortem time. How did I do? Between “My Picks” and “My Predictions” I got them all right except for Cinematography. That noise you hear is me blowing my own horn. BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY MY PICK: SPOTLIGHT MY PREDICTION: STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON See, sometimes you should just go with what feels right. … Continue reading OSCARS 2016: THE AFTERMATH


  by Alan Yudman Only the accountants at whoever, whoever and whatshisname know whose names are in those envelopes. But being movies are my avocation, I feel the urge to predict. So here goes. One caveat, I have not seen every movie including Room, The Danish Girl, 45 Years and Brooklyn. My picks are based … Continue reading 2016 OSCAR PREDICTIONS


  by Alan Yudman Five animated movies. Each one better than the next. These five films are what the Oscar voters picked as the nominated Animated Shorts. I had the opportunity to watch all in one sitting this week. Here's what I thought of each and which one could win an Oscar Sunday night. SANJAY'S … Continue reading OSCAR NOMINATED ANIMATED SHORTS


— by Jeff Schultz More like FAIL, Caesar. Just awful, painfully boring, rambling, pretentious and silly, laced with Marxist ideology, Catholic theology, and a vintage Hollywood cosmology the Coen Brothers visited with far more success in their 1991 BARTON FINK. It’s too desultory for madcap comedy, too superficial as a drama of ideas, and too … Continue reading HAIL, CAESAR!


by Alan Yudman ZOOLANDER wasn’t a “great” movie. It was fun, entertaining with a weird premise that worked because of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. ZOOLANDER 2 is not unique, and as a result it is no longer that funny. Sure, there are some funny moments, but nothing that has stuck with me. The montage … Continue reading ZOOLANDER 2


by Alan Yudman I imagine during breaks from filming, the cast and crew of HAIL, CAESAR! sat around and polished their Oscars or showed off the letters congratulating them on being nominated. The talent pool is so deep here how could the movie not succeed? Joel and Ethan Coen writing and directing. Roger Deakins behind … Continue reading HAIL, CAESAR!


by Alan Yudman The slightly unhinged mind of Charlie Kaufman has brought us BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, ADAPTATION and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND. Those movies had one thing in common. The protagonist was a deeply troubled man, bordering on the edge of insanity or deep mental illness. His latest mines that same territory. ANOMALISA … Continue reading ANOMALISA