— by Jeff Schultz

If the title refers to the audience, it’s wishful thinking, because no one is going to flock to (or stream — I saw it on Amazon) this comedy-horror thriller, which is too unfunny to be a comedy, lacks anything horrific and is absent of thrills. The reality TV show premise (and the POV cameras that spring from it) is staler than a week-old scone, the acting includes a key role performed so amateurishly (by Carrie Genzel) you pray (unsuccessfully) for her early demise, and worst of all in this 95-minute bowl of slop, virtually nothing happens for the entire first hour and the only real action comes in the final ten minutes, when low-budget special effects that look like they come from a gag gift novelty store lead to a final line of dialogue meant to be funny, but is instead just embarrassing. Nothing more needs to be said.

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