by Alan Yudman Richard Linklater specializes in telling very real stories about very real people. From the SUNRISE/SUNSET trilogy to BOYHOOD to DAZED AND CONFUSED, Linklater's characters don't do outrageous things or exhibit outrageous behavior by Hollywood standards. His stories are about life. His latest, EVERYBODY WANTS SOME follows that same path. It is the … Continue reading EVERYBODY WANTS SOME


— by Jeff Schultz A nasty piece of ugliness that has no juicy villains (not even Patrick Stewart), has victims you don’t care about, and looks as murky as the sound is muddy. (Whole chunks of the beginning are mumbled.) The blood-spurting, faces-blown-off gore that finally arrives after a crawling start doesn’t rate as much … Continue reading GREEN ROOM


— by Jeff Schultz SHOOT ‘EM UP meets CRANK in this teenage boy’s wet dream of a never-stopping, all-shooting, all-killing, blood-spattered and literally gut-wrenching, endlessly brutal exemplar of bang-bang bravado.This is a movie whose excess is the point, whose body count must rank among the highest ever, but whose storyline is barely comprehensible (to me, … Continue reading HARDCORE HENRY


— Jeff Schultz There are two gripping scenes in this tense but overlong thriller which may make you thirsty because its premise requires swallowing a pretty big grain of salt. One involves the lead (Logan Marshall-Green) and key recipient of the dinner party invitation, who is skeptical from the get-go and who a little past … Continue reading THE INVITATION


— by Jeff Schultz One of our Fox-11 Entertainment anchors raved about this movie, mostly because of Sally Field’s star turn. Field, as usual, shines. But it was another name that got me into the theater: Michael Showalter, a genius of American comedy, whether as actor, writer, or here as writer-director. And although this is … Continue reading HELLO, MY NAME IS DORIS