— by Jeff Schultz

SHOOT ‘EM UP meets CRANK in this teenage boy’s wet dream of a never-stopping, all-shooting, all-killing, blood-spattered and literally gut-wrenching, endlessly brutal exemplar of bang-bang bravado.This is a movie whose excess is the point, whose body count must rank among the highest ever, but whose storyline is barely comprehensible (to me, anyway). It might have been clearer with subtitles; thick accents muddy the dialog, made worse by a loud, pounding underscore that runs almost throughout. There’s a major gimmick here: the entire movie is shot from the point-of-view of Henry, a rogue cyborg on the run. Because Henry is always breathlessly escaping or fighting or blazing gunfire, the technical challenge of doing it all POV is impressive. If this sort of flick gets your heart racing, you’ll enjoy the ride. Others may find it exhausting.

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