— by Jeff Schultz

A nasty piece of ugliness that has no juicy villains (not even Patrick Stewart), has victims you don’t care about, and looks as murky as the sound is muddy. (Whole chunks of the beginning are mumbled.) The blood-spurting, faces-blown-off gore that finally arrives after a crawling start doesn’t rate as much as a blink. Not only is the slaughter stale, but whether it’s one of the innocents or one of the skinheads who gets it, makes no difference, has no punch. By the end, you can’t even quite remember which ones got killed. And when **spoiler alert** the “heroes”, the usually likable Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots, get away with their lives, you’ll probably feel as nastily uncaring as the movie’s last line, which involves not giving a shit.

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