by Alan Yudman

I think it was already predetermined that I would love MR. RIGHT. Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, Tim Roth. Love all three, so how could it not be great.

Before checking in to see if it lived up to my expectations a bit about the, ya know, plot. Anna Kendrick is Martha who is relationship challenged. We see her getting for a sexy evening at her boyfriends place. One problem. He busts in with another girl and they are in full foreplay mode. That has Martha questioning her choices and seeks solace in a bottle. She runs into Sam Rockwell who has his own issues. He’s a hitman who has had a crisis of conscience. He no longer kills those he’s contracted to get rid of. He kills the people who hire him. That passes for his personal morality. Martha falls for Mr. Right without knowing much about him. Then she discovers his line of work. At first she wants nothing to do with him. But eventually she comes around. Mr. Right is being hunted by Tim Roth, who has been hired by some mobsters to kill him. Then there is another crew also trying to kill Rockwell.

Think of this movie in the same way you would think of GROSSE POINT BLANK. It’s violent and funny. The chemistry between Rockwell and Kendrick is electric and easy. He teaches her how to catch a knife. She winds up killing a couple of guys, and is very proud of herself.

There really is no traditional moral center to MR. RIGHT. That’s ok, because this is all about the funny and the quirky charm of Kendrick and Rockwell. Is it great? No. But it’s entertaining and I really liked it.

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