— by Jeff Schultz

I hated this movie. Despised it. Loathing is too mild a word. A dystopian tale of social control, totalitarianism, intimacy, conformity, authenticity, sacrifice, survival — or whatever. I admit, I was lost watching this fartsy, ugly, affected, repellent, pointless and damp absurdist black dramedy. Whatever mild interest is piqued at the beginning quickly dissolves in muddle. What are these warring sides — the fascists who demand genuinely sincere marriages and the fascist rebels who punish relationships — supposed to represent? Maybe when I read other reviews, which I’ve so far avoided, I’ll be slapping my forehead and saying, “Oh, so that’s what it was about!” Instead I was squirming at everyone’s awfulness. The director has his actors assume stilted, wooden postures and deliveries; it’s meant to be off the beat, but a lot of the time just comes off as bad art film. Also, when a movie is billed as the story of a society in which if you don’t fall in love, you get turned into an animal, you’d think at LEAST we’d get to enjoy one of these transformations. Forget about it. Hey, those last three words are my review!

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