— by Jeff Schultz

Funny, raucous, sweet and touching at the same time. Keeps going to the very end, and may actually get even better as it goes along. Andy Samberg has come a long way from sketch comedy. Hilariously stupid as the jokes are (and that’s a compliment), Samberg’s Conner is a fleshed-out human being, with subtle comic and dramatic “takes”— watch him read his first bad reviews — that animate his dorky handsome face and hint at a wider career ahead. Maybe even like Sean Penn after FAST TIMES. The performance is complimented beautifully by Andy’s fellow Lonely Island partner, Jorma Taccone, as the best friend Conner mistreats. (Think Bojack Horseman and Todd.) Speaking of Bojack, Will Arnett kills as Harvey Levin (officially “Main CMZ Reporter”) — leaning over a cubicle and lording it over his sycophantic staff (including a dreadlocked guy clearly meant to be Charles Latibeaudiere). There’s a timely jab at the Internet of Things with a gag about Conner’s music being installed in home appliances. Plus, an award show roster of powerhouse music producers and performers (from Nas to DJ Khaled, Mariah Carey to Michael Bolton) that gives the mock-doc heft — in a brainless and low and welcome way.

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