— by Jeff Schultz

For a project with Eli Roth’s name attached (as producer), this is surprisingly restrained, a little over-serious and low on gore and scares. But there is a line that gets stepped over, and it’s the fact that the victims are kids. Little kids. Who die unspeakably maimed and eaten, with what’s left of their little corpses just a bone here, a squish of red pulp there. And the victims are extra adorable, making their slaughter and defilement extra uncomfortable . The story of a father who puts on a clown suit for his kid’s birthday party and then can’t get it off, with demon-inhabiting results, is steadily developed without cheap tricks. But it really could have used more juice. Peter Stormare has the Donald Pleasance role as the demon’s scourge, the others are unmemorable, as is the movie.

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