by Alan Yudman Is there any franchise that is more reliable than the Bourne franchise? Especially the three films directed by Paul Greengrass, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM and now, JASON BOURNE. You thought Greengrass and Matt Damon had wrapped up the storyline nicely at the end of ULTIMATUM? They did. Could have ended … Continue reading JASON BOURNE


— by Jeff Schultz In this effective horror movie, the monster (through a believable backstory) gets inside a mother’s head, enabling her to bring it to “life”, and thus giving it the power to kill. The mother is a congenital depressive, hospitalized as a child. The possession sends her off the rails, even as she … Continue reading LIGHTS OUT


by Alan Yudman This blog is mostly movie reviews, but occasionally we dip our toes into TV. Today's Primtime Emmy Nominations announcement seems like the perfect opportunity to talk about TV. So here goes. Let's start with the Drama series category. How do you choose between GAME OF THRONES, THE AMERICANS, BETTER CALL SAUL, DOWNTON … Continue reading OH EMMY.