-- by Jeff Schultz Tense and violent, but don’t expect the kind of hide-your-eyes scary where your heart is racing and you’re gasping for air. None of the bloodshed in this cat and mice drama has the glorious kick of a Tarantino or Sam Raimi (who executive produced). In fact, the killings and what-you-think-are-killings step … Continue reading DON’T BREATHE


by Alan Yudman There have been plenty of good animated movies, but Pixar has owned the high ground of tugging at the heart strings without being too sappy. KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS is the latest from Laika, the studio that produced CORALINE. Pixar better keep an eye on their rear view mirror because Laika … Continue reading KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS


by Alan Yudman Family. Brotherhood. 99 percent versus one percent. These are just some of the themes addressed in HELL OR HIGH WATER. And they are all given a thorough vetting without any preaching on the part of the filmmakers. And that makes this film a powerful story, well told and brilliantly executed by David … Continue reading HELL OR HIGH WATER